RA Sushi Offers Discount Kirin. That's Not Good Enough for Us.

With so many publicists anxious to tell City of Ate about all the free food various restaurants are hawking, it strikes me as a mite unseemly when an eatery heralds a deal that's just not very good.

RA Sushi in Plano wants me to tell you that when the mercury shoots past 100-degrees in August, 22-ounce bottles of Kirin and Kirin Light will be marked down to $3. Since the beer's typically priced at $7, that sounds like a fair discount.

But isn't it stingy to withhold the promo on all but the summer's hottest days? A quick Internet search show sushi bars across the country regularly offer the same bottles for $3-$4 at daily happy hours: Since Dallas annually averages just 16 days with 100-degree temps, the cut-rate Kirin's unlikely to be frequently available. I'm all for weather-related restaurant deals, but like them better when the customer can derive real reward.

What do you think? Is the "Beat the Heat" special a good deal? And have you encountered any local restaurant promotions that aren't as generous as they seem?

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