RaceTrac to Help Get Your Coffee Buzz On
To Face the Black Friday Hordes

Atlanta-based RaceTrac gas station and convenience store chain wants to energize consumers by offering free coffee on Black Friday, November 26. Those touched enough to wake up at an ungodly hour for silly deals now have another one to take advantage of. The promotion will be available from midnight to 10 a.m. in Dallas and Atlanta and isn't limited to any one coffee size.

According to the RaceTrac website, Senior Vice President Allison Moran says the free Java "is about rewarding those everyday adventurers willing to brave the crowds, cold and darkness to secure the must-have holiday items for their families and loved ones."

I once stood in line on a Black Friday. In Brooklyn of all places. Never again will I stand, fingers numb from the freezing temperature, next to overzealous homemakers who spend hours attempting to cut the line before the department store's door even opens. However, if you're one of these inconspicuous consumers, another free item might just be the caffeinated boost you need to hold firm to that discounted 3-D television you're pearl-snap-shirt-wearing, ostrich boot-loving, football-watching husband is dying to have.

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