Rachel Ray About to Get Fried by Abel Gonzales Jr.

The Friar of Fried, Abel Gonzales Jr., might have already gone national with coverage of his blessed artery-clogging concoctions at the State Fair of Texas, but he's about to steal the hearts of housewives everywhere with an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show.

On July 28, four-time winner of a Big Tex Choice Award Gonzales will be demonstrating how he makes fried butter and then will feed it to Ray-Ray's audience. (Last year, we had three servings of the 2009 Most Creative Award recipient. Hell, last year, we made a point of eating all the Big Tex Choice Award nominees--and have the shirt to prove it!)

The smoky-speakeasy-voiced mistress of hyper-speed grub will discuss Gonzales' other goodies like fried cookie dough and fried coke. Break out the smelling salts! If Jamie Oliver catches Gonzales' segment, the twee revolutionary might faint.

Although Gonzales has been reluctant about revealing past State Fair offerings, we decided to press him anyway about this year, but we couldn't quite get him to spill the refried beans. "People don't usually believe me when I say I don't have a clue, but 99 percent of the time I don't! " he told City of Ate."This is actually the time when the clock starts ticking and my mind seems to wander more and more towards the Fair. To answer your question: I don't have a clue! But I'm working on it and I have a few ideas. I'll have to see which one 'fries' itself into my brain."

Check your local listings for the Rachel Ray Show schedule.

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