Ramen Slowly Taking Over Dallas and the Rest of Texas

Earlier this week Robb Walsh predicted a tsunami of ramen on his blog Texas Eats, but the deluge has already started here in Dallas. News that a dedicated ramen restaurant called Tanoshi Ramen would grace Deep Ellum with steaming bowls of noodles broke late last year. That restaurant is expect to open later this month.

A few weeks ago we checked in with Kazy's, and while theirs isn't the most stylish bowl of ramen I've had, it hits the spot and is very affordable. Just up the street from Kazy's, Sapporo Ramen and Sushi serves up a similar, cost effective bowl of soup.

There's a lot of top-shelf ramen to be had, too. In addition to the bowls I've celebrated again and again at Tei-An, a small pop-up operation headed by Lucia chef Justin Holt at Ten Bells has been providing Oak Cliff drinkers with a late-night ramen fix on some weekends.

And then there's Marc Cassel's beautiful bowl of soup at 20 Feet Seafood Joint pictured above. I just finished wiping the broth from my chin moments ago. The soup boasts sturdy slices of roast pork, seared in a skillet before serving to add a bit more flavor, not that the rich soup needs any help. Packed with perfectly cooked noodles, an egg with a yolk cooked like loose custard and fresh spinach, this bowl is a serious contender on the best bowl of ramen: Dallas circuit.

At $12, it's a pretty good deal too.

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