Rangers Outlaw Tailgating Without Tickets For Opening Day

Last year I penned an ode about tailgating on Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington. We didn't have tickets to the game, so tailgating was as close as we could get. Minus the unexpected fly over by the loudest machines on planet Earth, it was amazing.

Well, yeah, don't do that this year.

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The Texas Rangers have announced that only cars with ticketed passengers will be allowed in the lots for the first home game of the year. Apparently many of ticket holders got really upset when they arrived at Opening Day last year an hour before game-time and had to park a mile away.

Really? Who arrives at Opening Day only an hour early? We all know that parking is nightmare for that game, regardless of tailgaters, in part because Arlington refuses to take part in any type of public transportation scenarios.

Funny thing. Whilst my family and I (again, sans tickets) were enjoying some grilled hot dogs on a patch of grass just outside the stadium, we watched with amazement how drivers on the road adjacent to us got progressively more pissed as game-time neared. One man just lost it. He was screaming at the cars ahead of him through his roof top window, "Go!!!! Just GO!!! AHHHH!"

The Rangers hope this is rule is only for Opening Day, although officially the fine print reads, "A Rangers Game ticket is required to access the parking lot." That will create an odd situation for those picking up their tickets at will call or meeting friends who have their ticket, etc.

Here are all the rules regarding parking and tailgating.

Rangers' officials say they will be lenient about the rule outside of Opening Day, unless it becomes a problem. I reached out to the team for clarification, but didn't hear back. The rule seems a bit arbitrary. Can we or can't we just tailgate after Opening Day? Because if a family packs enough provisions for a full day of tailgating then gets turned away at the gate, that'll hurt.

You know what would really suck? Driving up from Houston for Opening Day to tailgate. That would suck almost as much as their team is going to suck this year.

I'm sure it'll all work out. Bummer about Opening Day, though.

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