Rats, Italian Beef, Fried Chicken And Burgers: This Week In Dallas Food Blogging

What a week, with the rats and the meatless eating and Alice being Alice and all. I'm about to find a spacious patio, order a beer and a burger and kick off my weekend, but before I go, there's a week to wrap up -- I'm going with mesclun.

This week I reviewed the Vspot Vegan Cafe, which I mostly liked, despite their burger featuring a mushroom instead of a cow. Just so you know, I'm not a crunchy vegan, I actually eat a lot of meat.

There's a new drive-through in Dallas if you haven't heard. I hear they serve a pretty good Italian beef, too. Lesson learned: don't drive a car after drinking micheladas in the office. Don't drive after enjoying too many of these frozen bad boys either.

And have you checked out Off-site Kitchen yet? Bitner has and that sandwich looks good.

Leslie Brenner reviewed Nosh in Plano this week. The Verdict? Three stars. The Dallas location that started it all was awarded four in 2010. Silly suburbs. Brenner also thinks now is the time to eat at Nana. Wait, you needed and excuse?

Anyone hungry for fried chicken or burgers? Side Dish takes on both this week. Nancy loves Good Friend as much as I do, and with the weather that's coming, I bet they're pretty busy this weekend.

And speaking of weekends, mine starts right ... now. Check back in with us next week to find out what I ate, and also see Dallas' most decadent steak.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.