Reader: Pandora Doesn't Kill Restaurants; Restaurants Kill Restaurants

Earlier this week I challenged restaurant managers to put a better effort into the playlists they rely on to create a mood in their dining rooms. One commenter wanted to know which restaurant set me off (you'll have to wait for next week's review), but jon from tjs summed up the issue succinctly. It's not Pandora that's the problem, it the effort that's put into making the choice.

great post. i remember once sitting at a nice sushi place and we couldn't stop laughing at song after song. "now i put my tender/heart in a blender"


pandora isn't the problem (although i had no idea it was illegal to use that way)...the problem is what pandora station they are setting up.

a steak place can set up sinatra and ella pandora and be great. creole restaurant just put on dr john and professor longhair pandora and you're set.

pandora is MEANT to channel your creativity. it can't make you creative!

Pandora is better when theme or channel fits in with the restaurants concept or clientele, but even then the playlists can get tired. The thread pointed that Smoke puts some effort into their tunes. It gets consistent praise for its food as well. Think there's any correlation?

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