Real Ale Brewing's Shade Grown Coffee Porter: Beer You Want To Wake Up To

St. Arnold Divine Reserve #10, this is not. That's more of a one-night stand. Real Ale Brewing Company's Shade Grown Coffee Porter is more like a seasonal fling. Before you know, it's gone. But, man, it was great while it lasted. The Hill Country-based brewery's seasonal, made with coffee beans from Katz Coffee Roasters, is a crisp, surprisingly light porter. The richness expected of a porter is present, for sure. The notes of coffee common in the style of beer are as well -- albeit writ large. Yet, it's sprightly enough to make its categorization questionable and deem it a potential session beer for those who favor heavier, tenebrous brews. Coffee Porter is downright delicious and potent enough to wish there were such a thing as a breakfast beer.

Get your fill at the Park Lane Whole Foods (on tap at the wine and in six packs) or Ginger Man. Do it quickly, though. It's on back order. Trinity Hall in Mockingbird Station is out and a bartender there told me he doesn't know when it will be in. "Hopefully next week. I hope it's not a month's wait," he said exasperated.

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