Real Chanukah, Real Latkes

When I was a kid, I helped my mom make latkes every year. But this was my first year going at it all on my own.

Before oil met pan, I decided to investigate the online latke universe. And what a massive universe it is. People make them with everything from apples to zucchini and top them with everything from caviar to ratatouille. But after a phone call to my mom, I decided old school was the only way to go.

Three giant, grated Russet potatoes from Idaho, one chopped yellow onion, ½ a cup of flour, 2 eggs, salt, and pepper. That was all that went into the mix. I heated up some vegetable oil and went to it. I am relieved to report that they came out exactly as I remembered when I was a kid. The trick, my mom had reminded me, was to keep smashing them down flat in the pan as they cook to assure a crisp outside and a warm, cooked inside.

As for toppings, I chose not to stray from the farm on that front either choosing apple sauce and sour cream, alone and combined. Can't go wrong there.

But with six more nights to go, I would love to hear your latke recipe and topping favorites. Maybe I'll be feeling more adventurous come week's end now that I've gotten the basics down.

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