Red Mango Introduces "Honey Badger" FroYo. But, The Badass Honey Badger Don't Care.

Wisely capitalizing on 45 million YouTube views of a nature video narrated by Randall, Red Mango has introduced a Honey Badger frozen yogurt.

This new flavor, which is only being promoted through social media, is made with nonfat frozen yogurt and pure honey. To get a swirl, you simply stick your head in a honeybee hive then kill a snake with your teeth. The honey badger would. You know why? Because (all together) the honey badger don't care.

If Red Mango really wanted to make some waves in social media, they'd make a mouse flavored froyo with pieces of king cobra as toppings. Then serve it without a spoon -- actually, you wouldn't even get a bowl. You'd just have to eat it out of your hands by sticking your face in it. That'd be some true crazy nastiness, honey badger-style.

A honey badger named Kaca that escaped the Prague zoo a couple years tweeted about the new froyo: #StillDon'tCare.

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