Red Mango Is Racing to the Top With (Unfortunately) Guilt-Free Raspberry Cheesecake

In the fight for yogurt supremacy, Red Mango is quickly becoming the dominant player. Not only has the fast-casual frozen yogurt and smoothie operation recently introduced a new 80-calories per serving raspberry cheesecake, as of this weekend the Dallas-based company will have 120 stores nationwide -- since opening the first outlet in 2007.

This incredible growth is fueled by Red Mango's keen grasp of social media, something integral for success in the food industry. The cheesecake flavor and a partnership agreement with Baylor University are further signs that founder Dan Kim is serious about providing a widening consumer base with creative options that don't result in pangs of guilt and hours on the treadmill, which kind of blows. I want to feel bad after eating gratuitous amounts of cheesecake -- if it's Junior's, even better. That's all part of the pleasure.

That's not what it is for Kim. For him, raspberry cheesecake "is a classic example of how we connect emotionally with our customers. They taste something this unique and delicious, and it gives our customers more reason to love our brand for more than just a frozen yogurt shop. They trust and love us as a brand that allows them to release their burdens and stresses, and for the little bit of time that they are enjoying their red mango yogurt or smoothies, feel happy, relieved, uplifted and re-energized. We might sell frozen yogurt and smoothies, but our goal is to help our customers feel better about themselves."

Again -- give me the guilt. I'm Catholic and a former New Yorker. I want my cheesecake nasty, bad for me and, consequently, so much more delicious. Red Mango is already leaps and bounds beyond everyone else. Let me be happy in a sweet and tart purgatory. The rest of you can be happy with your warm and fuzzy probiotics.

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José Ralat Maldonado