Danyele McPherson: From the Grape to Top Chef to Remedy
Danyele McPherson: From the Grape to Top Chef to Remedy
Photo courtesy of the Grape

Remedy Opens on Lower Greenville Tonight

It seemed like a long wait, but it almost always is. It was all the way back in March when we found out why Danyele McPhearson had abandoned her post at The Grape to join the folks at HG Sply Co. Owner Elias Pope was preparing to open Remedy, which we then were lead to believe was some sort of up-scale soda fountain next to his existing restaurant on Greenville Avenue.

A conversation with McPhearson last fall confirmed the soda fountain theme would shrug off the shiny chrome and paper hats of the past. "That's not us," she said. What's better, we learned, was that Remedy referred to that all-to-popular cure for all that ails you. This place is going to have plenty of drinks.

If you've been anticipating the opening and watching Danyele's Facebook page, you likely know the opening was eminent. Pictures of odd-looking ice cream sundaes joined what looks like sandwiches, grilled meats and charcuterie over the past few days as the restaurant held a number of soft openings. They're set to open tonight at 5 p.m., with lunch service set to commence sometime after.

So what about the booze, you ask? Beverage director Mate Hartai worked with Pope to build a beverage program that resonates with the soda fountain theme, while also functioning as a modern bar. They haven't offered specific drink recipes (maybe because they tested too many?) but the thought is Remedy will be as much of a bar as it is a place to get a banana split.

I'll have my malted milkshake with a little of Granddad's whiskey, please.

Remedy, 2010b Greenville Ave., (469) 294-4012, remedydallas.com

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