Remedy's Next Ice Cream Sundae Uses Fish Sauce

I was all excited to tell you about my recent run-in with Darryl Strawberry, but the story is moot. I ordered the sundae pictured above recently at Remedy — it borrowed the famous baseball player's name. I was going to use the sundae to tell you a story about my favorite baseball card I had as a kid  (that shit was mint, and I had it in a heavy plastic case and everything) but none of that matters because the sundae is already gone. I'm only bringing it up to teach everyone a lesson: If there's an ice cream creation at Remedy that piques your interest, you shouldn't waste any time before trying it.

With warnings out of the way, let's focus on the next round of sweets. Danyele McPherson often pays tribute to local food personalities with her creations, and this round she decided to tip her toque to Andrew Chen from Monkey King Noodle Co. "That monstrosity is pretty damn weird and tasty," Chen said when I asked him about it. The dish features sweet chili ice cream, mango pudding, crispy noodles and caramel laced with fish sauce. Take a look at the thing. I just can't. 

The John Cougar Melonham also blends sweet and savory, with buttermilk ice cream, coriander infused melon and crispy country ham. But if salty sweet is not your thing, a tribute to chef Randall Copeland, who died suddenly in 2013, packs in all the sugar you can handle. The late chef is honored with buttermilk ice cream, bourbon caramel, biscuits turned into fritters, peach jam and candied pecans.

One of the three is bound to work for just about everyone. And as soon as soon as you fall in love this round, those suckers will be yanked. Why are you still reading this? That monstrosity with the noodle hair will be as lost at my baseball card collection before you know it.

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Scott Reitz
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