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Visual Proof That New Year’s Resolutions Are Lame

Maggie Huff's desserts at Homewood can't be excluded.
Maggie Huff's desserts at Homewood can't be excluded. Alison McLean
There was a whiff of rebellion in the air. Or maybe it was hopeful optimism. Late last decade, there seemed to be a growing number of people revolting against resolutions, seeing them as a trap. Akin to adulting.

Then, my hopes were dispelled when headline after headline attempted to lure us into a detox, a "fresh start" or a box of food that would be delivered right to the door and do all the heavy lifting.

In case you were one of those who sat down Jan. 1 with a determination to start the new decade with health in mind — well good on ya'! You did great! We're so proud of you.

Now it’s a whole week later, you went back to work, remembered (or reset) all those passwords and you have been really nice to people so far, despite being totally hungry all the time. Now it's the weekend and there's always next year! (Or not.)

The following are the most visually compelling reasons we could find in Dallas, via social media feeds, to blow all your resolutions straight out of the water.
Pollo Salsa seems to fly under the radar, but I feel like there should be a resolution to change that. The founders of this spot see "... chicken and tacos as an edible form of art."  Yes. Exactly. If this photo speaks to you, visit their Facebook page for more.

Pollo Salsa, 709 W. Pioneer Parkway, Grand Prairie; 1853 Keller Springs Road in Carrollton

DIBS on Victory went all-in and created a burger called the Resolution Breaker. It comes with two patties on top of jalapeño cornbread, a slathering of Texas Red chili, sliced and cheddar cheeses, jalapeños and onion rings with a squeeze of sour cream on top.

DIBS, 2401 Victory Park Lane (Victory Park)

After whipping out a whopping 1,000 Black Forest Cakes the week before Christmas, The Swiss Pastry Shop is back at it. Owner Hans Muller is reinventing his kouign amanns, now with a house-made Nutella-like spread "with a lot more hazelnut butter and hazelnut chunks." They make a couple dozen of these on Saturday mornings, and when they're gone, they're gone. Just like your #2020Resolutions.

The Swiss Pastry Shop, 3936 W. Vickery Blvd., Fort Worth

Sugar Fang, the vegan, late-night bakery located inside BrainDead Brewing, posted these Churro Skulls recently. The size of the pictures might be deceiving. When I went to buy one, I thought they were like bite-size cupcakes. Nope. Wrong. More like 12 bites.

Sugar Fang, 2625 Main St. (Deep Ellum)

Recently Trinity Hall posted this video on Facebook about how they make their Irish Coffee, and I keep thinking about it. Then, they posted a photo of Chef Rory's Irish-French toast, made with soda bread that's griddle-fried and topped with berries and cream. So, the idea is you get the breakfast, the Irish Coffee and voila. All your worries are gone. 

Trinity Hall, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane (Mockingbird Station)

Dusty Biscuit Beignets just posted this photo of their Dusty Biscuit and Three Pigs Gravy. Say what, you say? Exactly. The lightly dusted pillows are "smothered in a creamy gravy chocked full of bacon, ham and sausage."

Dusty Biscuit Beignets, 105 S. Main St. (Fort Worth)

Lockhart Smokehouse never ceases to make us want to throw every bit of caution to the wind with the dazzling tangle of smoke and meat they produce.

Lockhart Smokehouse has locations in Dallas, Plano and Arlington.

If you've made it this far and still believe that not eating fun things is a good resolution, then absolutely, hats off to you. It's hard work. And we just made it a lot harder. But, in case you're ready for a margarita and the Miguelito plate at Mesero, then cheers to 2020!

Mesero has several locations.
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