Reunited and it TASTES SO EFFING GOOD, from the Meddlesome Moth's Brunch Menu

There's so much goodness happening on this plate it's painful to recount. This brunch item from The Meddlesome Moth has gravy made with a jalapeño puree over creamy peppered grits, while two silky poached eggs rest atop tender fried chicken tenderloins.

The best approach with this dish is to carefully carve your spoon through part of an egg, catching a bit of the yolk then snagging a piece of juicy white chicken; follow through with a large scoop of creamy gravy and grits that have just a little heat.

I didn't actually order this, and my better half didn't appreciate my spoon in his plate throughout brunch. He sent me back to my banana foster's bread pudding French toast-thing, and I wept right into it. I scanned the room for others who ordered the same thing as he did, just to watch their reaction to their first bite, and I barely resisted awarding their order with a slow clap.

Called the "Mother and Child Reunion" (egg and chicken served together; get it?), this plate of contentment lives only on the brunch menu at the Moth.

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