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Reviewer Card Makes a Critic Out of all of Us

Casually drop that you're a power Yelper while you dine at a restaurant, and undoubtedly your service will improve. Perhaps an extra cocktail will come your way. And ah, is that a free dessert?

Of course some of us aren't as forward as others. It can be hard saying out loud that you're a force to be reckoned with, that moments after you leave an establishment you intend to dash home and describe in detail every shortcoming of your meal.

Enter the ReviewerCard.

Just flash this handy badge and say no more. Enjoy topnotch service and gratis appetizers, thus assuring your glowing prose on Yelp and your personal blog.

Brad Newman is the creator behind the shiny black cards which do the talking for you. According to his website, the Edison-caliber idea was spurred when Newman experienced rude service and threatened to post a negative review. In an instant his meal was comped, and ReviewerCard was born.

I've seen a number of website post articles complaining about Newman's business venture, (Newman!) but I've yet to see an account of a customer actually using the card to successfully extort a restaurant business. Until then, I'll continue to recommend and practice my own successful technique for getting great service.

Want to enjoy a nice meal out and receive the very best service you can? Treat the staff that's serving you with respect. And when something goes wrong politely ask that the situation be remedied -- you know, in person. You'd be surprised at how well it works. And it will also keep one extra piece of plastic out of that George Costanza of a wallet of yours.

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Scott Reitz
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