Reviews, Reviews, Reviews and Bad Tomatoes: This Week In Dallas Eats

Y'all got your shopping done? I'm feeling the pinch. A few more items to check off my list and then I get get my egg roll on, all over Dallas. Things are scheduled to be quiet tomorrow so we're wrapping things in iceberg a day early. Dipping sauces' are on you.

This week I reviewed Marquee Grill and Bar. Most of my food was mostly great, and the dining room might be my favorite in Dallas, but a few dishes bothered me. I'm thinking of launching a jihad against out-of-season tomatoes. Who's in?

Every year's end brings reflection, so I spent some time looking at some of my most memorable meals of the past year. A few were back in DC, but most were here. I'd say Dallas has been pretty good to me for nearly six months now.

There are some things I miss, though. My Christmas list is here. Lockhart Smokehouse tweeted me later that they're debating taking on the whole nose to tail thing. I'm feeling it.

Elsewhere on City of Ate Whitney Filloon announced her real reason for coming to this blog. She's going meatless one day a week. Her booze posts were just a way to cope.

Foodbitch rubbed her Jewishness in my face. While I only get to pretend one day a year with Chinese food and movies, she lives the life every day. If you party like she does you might need a hangover cure. Alexander Nham ate a big bowl of cow stomach and lived to tell about it. Yum.

And Lauren Daniels continues to explore the city and write the heck out of it. She paid Rudolph's a visit and forgot her cooler. She didn't get to take any steaks home, but she got this interview. She also put together a great review of holiday breads.

Elsewhere in Dallas?

I guess Leslie Brenner and I are on the outs again. She reviewed some sushi joint over on Greenville Avenue and gave it three stars. I wonder when we'll meet up again?

Oh, and I've been waiting for the DMN review of Jonathon's Oak Cliff. I'd called Christine Erdeljac to ask her about their appearance in Food and Wine, and we chatted a while. Turns out they had a one-off kitchen meltdown centering on a bad waffle iron while Kim Pierce was in the house. Not good. While Pierce dings a lot of the food, her tone is forgiving -- she gave them two stars. Not bad.

Nancy Nichols tread lightly on Dallas mainstay Terilli's this week. In a short writeup, she described dish after dish with matter-of-fact directness -- "somewhat elevated cheese tortellini" -- and then said the restaurant was all about "the scene." Read into that what you'd like.

Man, just last week we told you that Escape Hatch said some fancy dude is cooking at the Nosh in Plano. Now this week we're telling you he's not. Trouble in paradise? The opening of Nosh the sequel has been pushed to next year. Hiller also has some shots of Texas Spice, the Omni Hotel restaurant that opened in November. Those chicken and dumps look silly good.

SALVADORAN FOOD TRUCK!!! CraveDFW has the details.

And you have to check out the Taco Trail's Top Tacos of 2011. I think I may re-purpose it as a New Year's Day taco-eating plan. Six taco shops in one day? I've done dumber shit.

It's time for a break. Cook something lovely for your people or yourself and enjoy your long weekend. Next week we'll focus on New Year's resolutions, Italian on Lovers Lane, and tomato jihad. Don't miss it.

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