Revolver Taco Is Coming To Dallas

It's the weirdest food story involving Dallas I've seen in a long time. Just a few hours after news broke that Revolver Taco would be closing, the owner Regino Rojas said that one of the most popular restaurants in Fort Worth would be resurrected soon afer. What's better is -- because it never pays to look backwards -- the Revolver brought back from the dead will take shape right here in Deep Ellum.

This is big news. Every taco list devoted to the Dallas area swoops out west to give Rojas' taco shop a mention. Revolver was featured on the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods and is generally loved by all. Having any version of the taqueria to enjoy here in Dallas is worth getting excited about.

First, Rojas uses plenty of hallucinogenic references when he describes the place. Beyond calling the place trippy, he conjures heaven and hell to describe a diners' future experiences there. The Mexican holiday known as The Day of the Dead is mentioned as inspiration for the restaurateur. And then there's the ceviche.

Remember Jesus Garcia, the dude that whipped up four star sushi and pop-up burger events before he blew it all off and moved to Seattle to dish out ramen bowls? Turns out he misses Texas and he plans to return and get in on this new Revolver action. Seeing his sushi skills applied to ceviche and other Latin American seafood dishes is a reason to get excited about this summer.

Of course they have to open the place first. So for now it's probably worth your time to drive west and say goodbye to an institution. They close at the end of June.

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Scott Reitz
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