Revolver's Sidewinder Is a Good Casual Summer Sipper

Since open carry is all the rage these days, I picked myself up a six-pack of Revolver Brewing's Sidewinder, the seasonal pale ale that hopes to become your new summer beer. I had the crazy idea that I'd go down to Dallas Police Headquarters and pull on a bottle out in the open, screaming things about the law prying the glass from my cold, dead hands.

Just to be clear, that thought occurred to me before the weekend shooting/near bombing at police HQ, so my timing was really awful. Luckily, I glanced at my couch. After a beer-drinking session it makes a pretty decent place to take a nap. Screaming, ironic demonstration or sleep? It was an easy choice.

"It's got a little of that green bottle thing going on," my friend said. For once I wasn't drinking alone. She was referring to that classic flavor you find in a bottle of Rolling Rock, and then she refined the statement: "It tastes like a penny."

I got plenty of citrus when I nosed my mason jar. Don't look at the "pale ale" on the label and expect an amber color, or intense and bitter hops on the palate. The beer poured a golden honey, with a persistent, white and puffy head. It drank with a smoothness I had yet to find across my summer beer couch drinking sessions. Our glasses were emptied quickly.

This is a party beer, with a thirst-quenching quality that will have me craving a Sidewinder long after Labor Day weekend. If you liked Community Brewing's Sundial, but thought it was a little too hoppy, slug back a Sidewinder or three and see how you feel. Keep those other guns in the safe where they belong, though.

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Scott Reitz
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