Openings and Closings

Revolving Doors: Beginnings In The End

From one decade to another, one year to another, one concept to another...Change is good, right? And so despite economic trials, the few announced restaurant closings in December are--in most cases--merely reworkings. That means some upscale fusion venues will become burger joints, some Greek places turn into global kitchens and so on.

Oh, well--change is a constant in the food service industry. That's why we at City of Ate don't leap when word of an impending opening or closing reaches us. Rather wait to see how things really flesh out.

There were some amusing moments in December--the 'much ado about nothing' Jean Michel's story, for one. Otherwise, it was a pretty fair month...


Pizza Lounge--Self-explanatory spot in Expo Park.
Flames Grill--A protein haven on Trinity Mills
Trinity Hall--The Mockingbird Station hit adds an Allen location
Otaru Sushi--raw fish in Addison
World Piece Cafe--Rene Peeters' spot on Greenville
Dish--opened with Doug Brown as concept chef
Taco Mundo--somewhere in the Mid-Cities mess
Dallas Chop House--a classic steak palace downtown


Park Cities Prime--It didn't really close, just changed
Kavala--shut down for reconcepting
Soley!--unfortunately it did close. Was a good, innovative kitchen
Jean Michel's--never opened in either promised location
Fuse--transforming into a burger joint

On the way:

Artin's Grill--With Christopher Short (Bella) in the kitchen and 'now hiring' signs in the windows of the Legacy location
Green Room--Reliving the past in Deep Ellum
Neighborhood Services Tavern--To fill the Soley! space by mid-February
Kindal's--Kelly Hightower (Kavala) looks to the scenic I-35/Northwest Highway instersection

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