Revolving Doors: Nodding Through November

Wow, the end of November crept up on us.

Things generally seem to slow down as we approach the end of a year. And while the days have ticked by with surprising speed, restaurant business lagged as the economy continued to wallow.

Still, the month wasn't all that bad. Sure, there were some moments of turmoil--Mico Rodriguez was in and then out at Screen Door; his ex fought a lock out as she tried to open Taco Mundo--but that's normal stuff in the restaurant business.

So, here's how November played out:

Dish--or DISH, if you wish--a restaurant and lounge
Los Cabos, stepping into the North Dallas/Addison location vacated by TwoRows, an Oklahoma chain
Jessie's Cafe Texas, bringing a bit of the Lone Star state to Mesquite
Casa Blanca Sabor fills the old Grill 400 space in Bishop Arts
Ocean Prime, the long awaited many thousand square foot monster on Cedar Springs
And a bunch of frozen yogurt places. For some reason they keep coming

Lola, at the end of October (as planned).
Fish on Fire--although the owner is looking elsewhere
Alo, which may reopen after the fire--just not in its previous shell
Papou's Greek Kitchen...yawn

On the way
La Carreta Argentina, adding to the growing Bishop Arts line up
Dallas Chop House, planned for downtown...like that's gonna happen
Green Room--making a comeback, even though you can't go home again

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.