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Richard Graff Named Executive Chef at Meddlesome Moth

Last week news came that Shannon Wynne had hired a new chef for his restaurant Meddlesome Moth. The Design District gastropub has been known for its sprawling beer selection, special events devoted to craft beer and the food that ties it all together. Richard Graff will take over as executive chef. He previously served as sous chef at Henderson Avenue favorite Gemma.

Graff replaces Robbie Lewis, who was put in place last November. Lewis, who was brave enough to throw pig's feet on the menu, now holds the title of executive sous chef — the same title Graff held at Gemma when the restaurant first opened in 2013.

Gemma earned many accolades while Graff manned the burners. The restaurant earned a very positive review here at the Observer, and after an initial three-star review, went on to earn four stars from The Dallas Morning News.

Gemma is known for its West Coast sensibility and clean approach to vegetables, which is a stark contrast to Meddlesome Moth's meat-heavy menu. Graff will execute the existing menu for some time before he starts putting his own spin on the kitchen's recipes. Look for a little more veg in that meat pie, soon.
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