Richardson Is A Little Twisted

Are you dying for a Twisted Root Burger Co. fix but not sure if Deep Ellum is worth the drive...or even still there? No problem. There's always Richardson. And things are bigger in the northern 'burbs, after all.

The second location of Twisted Root--all 3,000 square feet--just opened at the southeast corner of North Central Expressway and Campbell Road. Because there's more space, they've added several large, flat screen televisions and a large patio with a park view.

Beats the hell out of those Dallas sidewalk views...unless pigeons aren't your thing, of course.

But like the original location, Richardson's Twisted Root offers gourmet burgers in a fun, casual setting. There's also the usual variety of hand-rolled beef alternatives including lean buffalo, ostrich, turkey and black bean burgers, along with a seasonal game meats like alligator, elk and venison. Oh, and made-from-scratch condiments.

Yes, there's a full bar. They drink in the 'burbs. So look for the famous adult shake--your standard childhood favorite spiked with Bailey's Irish Crème.

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