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R.I.P., Half-Priced Tuesdays at the Libertine

Since it opened seven years ago, the Libertine Bar on Greenville Avenue has drawn deal-seekers every Tuesday night by offering a 50 percent discount on its entire food menu. Last night via Facebook they announced that after December 17, half-priced Tuesdays would be a thing of the past, like Hannah Montana or Tasmanian tigers.

According to co-owner Simon McDonald, the half-off nights weren't supposed to be a permanent thing, just an introductory tactic to get people out to the bar. Seven years sounds like a long introduction, but with so many new businesses and restaurants coming to Lower Greenville, the Libertine's owners felt they needed to step up their game.

The area has seen a spate of high-profile restaurant openings lately, including HG Supply Co., Truck Yard and the soon-to-open Blind Butcher.

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"We don't want the stigma of being the half-priced food place," McDonald says, adding that most of the crowd that comes for the Tuesday night specials aren't regular customers. "We want to be on par with the rest of the restaurants around us."

According to McDonald, most the prep work for the week is currently devoted to getting ready for Tuesday nights. With the half-price night out of the picture the staff can devote more time to developing other events to draw in crowds without looking like a bargain bin of a bar. Events coordinator Michele Stanton says they're currently looking at events like a night of cocktail pairings or set meals.

No matter what the future has in store for the Libertine, expect a packed house next Tuesday as Dallas says goodbye to one of its favorite deals.

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