R.I.P. Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles, AKA the Popsicle Van

R.I.P. Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles, AKA the Popsicle Van

If there is one image that sticks in my mind most from the White Rock Lake Local Market, besides one of Luscher's Red Hots ascending toward my face, it was that of kids streaming away from the van pictured above, popsicles in hand, faces painted in a rainbow of orange, red and green. The popsicle is a celebration of summer and, at this market at least, it was the chosen sweet.

Sadly, John Doumas announced in an email last week that Pop Star Popsicles would close for good, effective immediately. He cited family health concerns as the reason for dismantling the business.

Doumas left a successful business career to devote his life to frozen treats, and appeared to be doing well in the brain-freeze business. He had the back of an old VW van converted into a Pop Star Popsicle stand, shimmering with a white and baby blue paint job. His trademark sort-of van was a presence when he parked it at the market.

Doumas was also devoted to the spirit of the market and locavorism making each popsicle from scratch using seasonal fresh fruit and produced locally when available. His popsicles will be missed.

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