RJ Mexican Cuisine's Nector de Agave Margarita: Sweet as a Lily

Sometimes you will hear tequila aficionados style themselves as "connoisseurs of the cactus." This is a misnomer because tequila is derived from the blue agave plant, which is part of the lily family. But did you know that the blue agave (and other types of agave too, for that matter) produces a syrup that is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar and is often used as a vegan substitute for honey? Agave nectar is a delightful alternative to simple syrup in stylish Mexican restaurants, such as RJ Mexican Cuisine. Their signature margarita combines Chimaco Silver Tequila, blue agave nectar and fresh limes into a wonderfully smooth frozen drink with a touch of sweetness that is never cloying, as with sugar-based ritas. You can sip a Nector De Agave Margarita on RJ's lovely patio as you watch the parade of horse-drawn carriages giving many visitors their first look at Dallas.


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