Rock n Taco Brings the Death Metal! Arrrr!

I just wouldn't feel like a food writer if my first e-mail of the morning didn't have the subject line "Fuck You."

Fortunately, Rock n Taco co-owner Billy Salsberg -- or, as he claims, someone using his Yahoo e-mail account -- came through for me today. I reviewed his restaurant in this week's issue.

You can read the review here. We don't mess with a star system at the Observer, but -- on the off-chance you don't want to wade through the whole story -- I'd give my Rock n Taco experience a solid B. As I wrote, "If my office was in Uptown, I wouldn't hesitate to add Rock n Taco to my lunch-spot list."

And here's what Salsberg wrote in the message sent to me from a BlackBerry (although he claims the message could have been sent by any of his employees, who have access to the e-mail account):

"You have zero right to bash my restaurant Rock N Taco, and I will and am going to destroy you."

Good thing's Salsberg's in the hospitality business.

Observer Managing Editor Patrick Williams called Salsberg to see what, exactly, was bothering him. Salsberg was unhappy that we ran what he called two "advertisements" about his joint within, he claimed, a month. Besides being confused over the difference between an advertisement and editorial content, Salsberg was off on his dates. We ran a "First Look" on City of Ate in June by Elizabeth Bair, which oddly enough had the headline "Rock n Taco Can't Quite Hit the Power Chords," as opposed to the web-page headline on this week's review, "Rock n Taco: Hitting a Power Chord at Lunch." Which proves that A) we welcome diversity of opinion here at the Observer and B) our headline writer has a bad memory and limited knowledge of music.

Anyway, Salsberg denied sending the e-mail himself, but said someone from his restaurant probably did, which sounds completely, totally plausible. He then said something about "lawyer, blah, blah" and the conversation ended. Hopefully, Salsberg's lawyer knows more about the First Amendment than my editors do about music.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.