Rodeo Goat, a Burger Joint from the Minds of Meddlesome Moth, Is Coming to Dallas

Shannon Wynne is giving Dallas exactly what it's yearned for, and what it needs the least: a burger restaurant. With the success of Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth, the restaurateur behind the Meddlesome Moth, Lark on the Park and more recently announced a second location planned in the Design District.

The latest Rodeo Goat will be built from scratch and promises the same no-frills decor as the original, with a menu that's the same except that some of the names for the burgers will be tailored to Dallas personalities, according to The Dallas Morning News.

I visited the original Goat just over a year ago, and was moderately impressed. The decor was enough to get you talking -- a mashup of rodeo, 4-H and other rural themes that can be expected here, too. The burgers left me regretful. The patties were massive, and bad grilling technique resulted in heavy, greasy eating. It didn't help that they were overcooked.

Still, that was a year ago. Maybe Rodeo Goat has refined its kitchen practices and will turn out a top-notch burger by the time it opens here in Dallas. Look for the new Rodeo Goat near Turtle Creek and Market Center boulevards, just down the street from Meddlesome Moth. The restaurant should be open by the end of summer.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.