Roots Juices Delivers to Dallas

Turns out we're all really late to the juicing trend. After Brent Rodgers spent a year traveling around the world, he found that juicing is old business everywhere else. He was at the Syria-Israel border when he had the idea to start a juicing business in Dallas after he stood in what he thought was the line to get across the border but was actually a line for fresh-squeezed celery and carrot juice.

Initially he wanted to start with a retail spot, but after some market research found that delivery was what most people wanted. So, early each Thursday morning, Rodgers heads out to the Dallas Farmers' Market where he buys all his ingredients -- as local and organic as possible. Then each day the fruits and veggies are pressed, mixed and bottled in a small bottling facility here in Dallas.

Roots Juices come in 10 different flavors, all priced at $7 for each 16-ounce bottle, and equal two to three pounds of fruits and vegetables each.

Daily delivery is available to most of Dallas (specific ZIP code list here). Inner Dallas is mostly free, outer Dallas has a $10 fee -- although there's a minimum $30 order for everything. The juices are sealed in BPA-free bottles and hauled in a cooler with ice packs. Each juice is good three to five days after purchase.

There's a bevy of concoctions that will surely shock your boozed, fat and preservative- riddled soul. The "Wake Up" has carrots, apples, ginger and watermelon. The "Glow" has apple, spinach, celery and lemon. There are also some kits and cleanses, including a "REHAB Hangover Recovery Kit." To be quickly followed by the "Cocktail Party Mixer Kit." Then a five day "Detox & Cleanse Kit."

There are also three waters (like the Detox H2O with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and filtered water).

Orders can be placed through the Roots Juice website.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.