With Cheap Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bars, Ross & Hall is a Brunch Drinker’s Dream

The patio at Ross & Hall, which recently launched a booze-heavy brunch.
The patio at Ross & Hall, which recently launched a booze-heavy brunch. Paige Weaver
Ross & Hall Kitchen + Beer Garten sits between Deep Ellum and downtown, in the space formerly occupied by the short-lived Little Woodrow. Owner Jonathan Calabrese (of State & Allen, the Nodding Donkey and Social Pie) opened the restaurant in September 2017 with the goal of creating an American scratch kitchen and beer garden with a laid-back menu.

The bar at the center of the restaurant dominates the space. Garage-door-style windows open onto the patio, creating an indoor-outdoor experience when it’s nice out. If the weather allows, definitely grab a seat on the patio; it’s a spacious, comfortable outdoor area.

As of this month, Ross & Hall serves most of its regular menu at brunch. Choose from traditional brunch items such as bison and chorizo migas ($14), blackberry and bourbon crepes ($11), and country-fried steak and eggs ($13.50), or go with burgers ($11.50), pizza ($13 to 15) or sandwiches ($10.50 to $14).

click to enlarge Ross & Hall's brisket brunchiladas ($12.50). - PAIGE WEAVER
Ross & Hall's brisket brunchiladas ($12.50).
Paige Weaver
The brisket brunchiladas ($12.50) are three mini enchiladas stuffed with super-smoky brisket and topped with a sunny side up egg, sliced avocado, pico de gallo and salsa roja. We were disappointed when the dish arrived lukewarm. And while the portion of brisket inside is generous, the enchiladas are dry. Rather than being slathered in a creamy cheese sauce, they are covered in shredded cheese, which was melted to a crisp. The queso that you should find on the enchiladas is instead mixed into the “bacon’d hash” on the side of the dish.

click to enlarge Build the bloody of your dreams. - PAIGE WEAVER
Build the bloody of your dreams.
Paige Weaver
What stands out about the crab cakes and eggs ($13.50) is the value of the plate. It comes with two crab cakes that have a generous amount of meat; you don’t have to go digging through filler to find chunks of crab. In addition, it’s served with two eggs your way, spicy mayo and a side of purple potato bacon hash.

Make a beeline to the mimosa and bloody mary bars. For just $4 a trip, Ross & Hall offers an impressive variety of bloody mary ingredients and mimosa juices and fruits. Choose from four mimosa mixers, fresh fruit and candy. Bloody mary lovers will be especially impressed; there are at least 15 items to add to each drink. You’ll find hot sauces and seasonings, an assortment of pickled vegetables, bacon, pretzels, cheese, salami, a few types of olives and even Slim Jims. The greyhound, another brunch drink, is also a steal at $3.50.
click to enlarge Just look at that bloody mary bar. Just look at it. - PAIGE WEAVER
Just look at that bloody mary bar. Just look at it.
Paige Weaver
When we visited at 11a.m. on a Sunday, the place was more than half empty, but it was also the morning after daylight saving time began. We hear it fills up fast on a typical weekend morning when people haven’t been robbed of an hour of sleep.

Overall, you’ll get an affordable, if not completely memorable meal at Ross & Hall. If you’re in it for drinks (and let’s be real, at brunch, who isn’t?), then you will be very pleased with your brunch there.
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Paige Weaver
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