Rush Patisserie's Croissant Deals Brunch Another Blow

Back in August, I posted about the perils of brunch and proclaimed breakfast the superior morning meal. I'd just had a croissant at Zaguan Bakery and thought the black coffee and newspaper culture of the breakfast crowd was infinitely more appealing than the mimosa-drenched brunch set.

The croissant I had that morning was less than perfect, though. It lacked the airy, flaky layers found in a masterfully made pastry. I wanted something a little more delicate, and I wrote that a light, airy, crusty croissant that drops shards of golden pastry with every bite would make for an excellent morning.

I recently found that masterfully made pastry at Urban Acres. They carry croissants baked at nearby Rush Patisserie, in Oak Cliff. Check out the inside of this baby ...

It's almost as if air were an ingredient along with butter and flour. You can see the layers formed as baker, Samantha Rush, folds the pastry dough over and over again.

A croissant like this paired with jet black coffee, a paper, and an outdoor table on a warm spring morning? Brunch never stood a chance.

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