Sakhuu's Garden Is Sprouting Some Great Neighborhood Thai Food

It's not a whole lot to look at right now. Lemongrass grows in a pot or two, along with basil and a few chili pepper plants. In the soil, row after row of chives shoot up in green clumps reaching for the sun. Many of the rows have been trimmed to the ground and instantly thrown in a fiery hot wok, and others are long and tussled, like the green hair of muppets.

Sakhuu, the subject of this week's review, has been open for a few months now, and things are taking root in the East Dallas Thai restaurant. Kyla Phomsavanh's curries, stir fries and other dishes combined with some of the most warm and welcoming service I've encountered in Dallas have earned him a steady, loyal following of neighborhood locals looking for an inexpensive meal.

I hope you're feeling friendly, should you choose to dine here. All of the staff is chatty and they seem as interested in making friends as they are selling you an extra spring roll. They're trying to cultivate regulars, just like the aromatics they care for in the back garden.

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Remember to bring your own beer and bring a good amount of it. Sakhuu is the kinda place you might like to linger for a while after finishing your meal. And don't skip on those stuffed chicken wings. They're one of the most fun appetizers I've ordered in some time.

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