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Samudraa Brings Two Great Culinary Minds Together in Plano

Earlier this week, when I told you Chennai was moving to Frisco, that was only half of the story. Or maybe not even half. The Eat's Blog reports that owner Karthik Thambidurai is hanging onto the old real estate to open a new restaurant.

A second restaurant by the owners of one of the best Indian establishments in Dallas is news in itself, but Thambidurai has teamed up with former Pepper Smash chef Vijay Sadhu. Together these two have a lot of potential.

During the meals I had at Pepper Smash, at the Shops at Legacy, I always got the sense that Sadhu was somehow shackled by his diners' expectations with his hybrid menu. There was delicious naan from a fiery hot tandoori, and then there was also hummus and American dishes that didn't make sense in the same context. Sure, Plano isn't exactly filled with an endless supply of adventurous eaters, but hummus?

Before Pepper Smash, Sadhu had a similar challenge trying to sell modern Indian cooking to diners customers in the same location.

In contrast, Thambidurai has been devoted to authentic Indian cooking. He leaves meat on the bone for his curries and his dishes are rugged and rustic. It's actually exciting to think about what these two will bring out in each other. Either way the old Chennai location, which will take the name Samudraa, is going to be an exciting place to check out in the coming weeks.

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