Scott Romano, One of Dallas' Best-Known Chefs, Is Taking Over the Frisco Gun Club

The city of Frisco is currently building the nation's largest indoor luxury gun range, complete with an upscale private restaurant, bar and cigar lounge for VIP club members. The club will offer public and private access to its 40 indoor gun ranges including four 100-yard rifle lanes.

There will also be a 100-person training room and on-site gunsmith along with a gun vault, plus a 7,000 square foot retail showroom and a more casual public café. And Scott Romano, formerly of the Joule and Nick and Sam's, has been anointed as executive chef for both the private restaurant and public café.

Romano has a remarkable career as a chef, making his move to a gun range in Frisco feel a little strange. It actually has a lot to do with his primary mentor, Charlie Palmer, who earlier this year released a cookbook that was a collaboration with the arms and ammunition manufacturer Remington. It's called Remington Camp Cooking.

Romano started his career under the tutelage of Palmer at his flagship restaurant, Aureole in New York City. He worked at a few other of Palmer's concepts there before landing in Los Angeles, where he worked for Wolfgang Puck at Spago. Eventually he returned to another of his mentor's spot, Charlie Palmer at the Joule here in Dallas.

Food Republic, an online culinary magazine, interviewed Charlie Palmer this summer and asked him about the cookbook. Palmer explained that the project came from a larger relationship with Remington and pointed to his life-long passion for hunting and fishing.

When asked if this passion influenced him, Romano concurred.

"Yes, Charlie Palmer was a great influence in this area," Romano told me in an email. "My family has always been devoted hunters as well. Being mentored by Chef Palmer taught me to understand how to correctly prepare game meats and their compliments."

More specifically on taking the job at the gun range, Romano said it feels right: "It's about balance. I look forward to trying to impress our members daily in an intimate dining atmosphere and still being in contact with the public in a sophisticated casual way in our café."

"I don't want to sound cheesy, but as a chef and a hunter, it's like a dream job."

The Firsco Gun Club will be located at 6565 Eldorado Parkway and is expected to open in late October.

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