Second Floor Brings a Little Science
Into the Mix

Second Floor Westin Galleria 13340 Dallas Parkway 972-450-9278

The menu at the Westin Galleria restaurant Second Floor, developed by Dallas' Bijoux executive chef Scott Gottlich and overseen daily by chef J. Chastain, has a clean and simple appeal that uses fresh, local ingredients dashed with house-made charcuterie to create simple dishes executed with grace and expertise.

So what is this we hear of molecular mixology hitting the hotel restaurant, and what does this mean exactly? City of Ate was invited into the sleek restaurant bar located, as the name might suggest, on the second floor of the Galleria hotel for an exclusive look at what Chastain will be creating each Friday evening beginning this evening.

Young, inventive and intense, Chastain perked up when we asked him earlier this week to demonstrate what will take place between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The chef will offer a variety of cocktails for $15 as well as a duo of molecular amuse bouche. (Molecular gastronomy uses scientific practices and techniques to produce food and drink with unusual texture and flavors.)

Part of the action will include Chastain taking control of the bar personally to demonstrate these unique cocktails, which include such wonders as the Nitrogen Car Bomb Guinness float that comes with a Nitro Jameson Bailey's Ice Cream and Strawberries or the Cremant Cocktail Albrecht French Champagne with Strawberry Caviar.

"These techniques are fun and just part of the many tools we have in our kitchen. It certainly doesn't define our style of cooking. It's just one more tool, like using a saute pan. This is something interesting that I think people will want to see." explained Chastain.

It is interesting, and we wanted to see it, so he agreed to give us an exclusive sneak peek as he mad his Fire and Ice Shot, which included Nitrogen Frozen Cherry Mojito with Flaming Caramelized Guinette Cherries. The cocktail included a trip to the hotel's cotton candy machine for a creative garnish.

The Molecular Mixology cocktail hour begins tonight. Seats are limited and reservations are required. Consider this dinner, a show and nibbles all wrapped into one price. (We spend more time with Chastain next week in a new chef series that will be featured weekly in the City of Ate.)

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Steven Doyle