Seven of Dallas' Best Restaurant Bars for Dining Alone

Valentine's Day is here, which pretty much sucks for everyone. If you've got a special someone, you're guilted into going out and having your wallet gutted by a triple-digit, prix fixe, mediocre meal. Have fun with that. If you're not coupled up, you get to spend the evening alone while people look at you and say condescending things inside their heads about your sad, single state.

Fight back. Own being single and pony up to a bar to enjoy a decadent meal on your own. Here are some of the best restaurant bars for solo diners.

Eno's (pictured above) Just look at this thing. Eno's Sundae Sack is built for misanthropic dining. And if you're hung up on being single you can comfort yourself with calories as you watch your tears of loneliness mix with melted ice cream and fudge. See also: The 10 Bars Serving the Best Bar Food in Dallas


Spoon Whether you catch one of these coveted stools looking into the kitchen at the back of the restaurant or one of the slots at the bar up front, the cooking you'll discover at Spoon is likely some of chef John Tesar's best since he left the Mansion. Eating here alone won't feel lonely at all. You'll be to busy focusing on fine-dining seafood done right.


Local The bar at Local may be one the nicest places in Dallas to dine. The staff here knows their food, knows their wine pairings, and they know how to take care of their guests. Sit at this bar alone on Valentine's Day and you won't feel alone for long.


Mesa I dropped in on Mesa a few weeks ago and the restaurant is still serving up some of the best Mexican cooking you can order in Dallas. In my review of the restaurant I noted how personable the bar staff is here. Order up one of their fancy tequila cocktails and settle in for a great night. Mesa is a real gem.

Bolsa Bolsa's bar is built for flirting. Its shape will let you make eyes with people sitting on the opposite side, and if you don't meet anyone you can drink away your sorrow with a solid Old Fashioned.


The Grape The East Dallas staple doesn't have a big bar, but it's a good one. I love the blue and white checked tile that serves as a stage for awesome mussels and the burger we all can't stop talking about. Late in the evening, when business is starting to die down and the staff starts to congregate, a seat at the bar is one of the best in the house.


Yutaka Perched at the bar at Yutaka, you can watch sushi chefs work their magic with some of Dallas' freshest fish. And don't worry about restrictions here. Yutaka is completely ignoring the holiday. No reservations, no special menus, just you and all the uni you can shake a chopstick at.

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