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Sfuzzi is Getting the Band Back Together; New Spot Set to Open in Early 2022

Chef Peja Kristic is helping with the menu at this new old spot.
Chef Peja Kristic is helping with the menu at this new old spot. Photos Courtesy of Sfuzzi, Kathy Tran
Starting way back in 1987, Sfuzzi brought a slice of debauched Italian heaven to Dallas. It’s had many iterations over the last two decades. And now, the band is back together and ready for a 2022 (and beyond) tour.

This time partners and veteran restaurateurs Brandon Hays and Phil Schanbaum of This and That Hospitality are leading the charge. Their other spots include The Whip, High Fives and Ferris Wheelers.

Before we go any further, the "s" is silent.

Back in 2010, one writer penned a piece titled, “Sfuzzi Is Sfrikkin' Douchey but Delicious" in which our writer recounted walking in like "sneaking into the home of a high-dollar Italian hooker." It was always a seen and be seen spot, needless to say.

“Sfuzzi was where I cut my teeth in the restaurant business and learned quite a bit in my young career. I was given keys to the kingdom and had to learn quickly. Going at it again after all these years of Phil and I owning our own venues lends a different perspective,” Hays said.

Sfuzzi a la 2022 will offer upscale dinner, pizza, pasta and brunch. They'll have some of their classics on the menu, as well as a few new items. They even dusted off the old Bellini machine and have tapped Fernanda Rossano, who worked as a bar back at Sfuzzi in 2009 and has risen up the ranks, to create the cocktail program.

Chef Peja Kristic, who ran the kitchen from 2011-2013, has been tasked as the consulting chef.

The restaurant and bar will open where Capital Pub used to be, 2401 Henderson Ave., with about 4,000  square feet of space. We'll keep you posted an official opening. 
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