Sharon Hage Is Planning a Restaurant for 400 Record, the Rebranded Belo Building

You've undoubtedly noticed the tall, gray skyscraper in the Dallas skyline, emblazoned with "BELO," the former owner of WFAA. After Belo Corporation was sold to Virginia-based company Gannett, they vacated the massive building at the intersection of Wood & Record streets, which kicked off a massive multi-million dollar renovation. According to a press release, part of that renovation will include a brand new restaurant concept from one of Dallas' favorite chefs.

Not much information has been released about the concept that will go into the newly rebranded 400 Record mezzanine, at least from a culinary perspective. There have been no tentative menus or even a cuisine announced, Renderings of the planned restaurant indicate a chic, modern aesthetic, and the mezzanine restaurant, covered in articulated bronze panels that weirdly resemble a honeycomb, will "appear to float in the space." We're guessing that means that this restaurant won't exactly be a casual, cheap spot.

The press release, though, does give plenty of reason to be excited about this forthcoming restaurant, especially in the person who has been tapped to develop the concept. Sharon Hage, formerly of the beloved York Street, will work with the Heartland-Mackie family, who purchased 400 Record and are spearheading its facelift. Art from the Heartland-Mackie collection will decorate the building, and presumably find its way into this brand new restaurant space.

Since closing York Street, Hage has worked as one of the country's most respected restaurant consultants. According to Hage's LinkedIn page, she has worked on concepts across the country, including Dallas' own The Lot, Bowl & Barrel, Blue Mesa Grill and the recently-opened Sylvan Thirty, home to some of the city's most exciting restaurant openings of 2015 and beyond.

Given Hage's track record of success and great dishes, this forthcoming restaurant will likely be a welcome addition to Downtown's dining scene. Though it has come a long way in recent years, thanks in large part to innovative concepts like CBD Provisions, Café Momentum and San Salvaje, this area of town is still lacking in options when you're looking for a restaurant that's a little better than the chains, bars and fast food that dominate the options for lunch and dinner.

Given that most restaurants in Dallas are often delayed by months -- or years -- there's no telling when this newly announced concept will be opened. The Heartland-Mackie family has yet to even release a tentative date, but we'll keep you posted on when to look forward to this exciting new addition to downtown's restaurant options.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.