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Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market Reopens in June, Is Going to Be Awesome

If you've been to the new and improved Dallas Farmers Market in recent months, you've probably noticed that Shed 2, former home to Pecan Lodge and Ain't No Mo Butter Cakes (I miss you dearly, mini butter cakes), has been undergoing renovations since the market officially relaunched in the middle of last year. Last week, the Market announced that it would be reopening Shed 2 this summer, and it looks like it's going to feature some exciting additions and old favorites.

The renovations to the 26,000 square foot Shed 2 look to be pretty comprehensive. Multiple indoor seating spaces will be added, along with an improved layout that makes Shed 2 easier to shop. The building will also get a major aesthetic overhaul, with a new look that features "natural elements and colors inspired by nature," which is probably a great improvement over the stark white walls and unfinished interior that existed previously.

Thirteen new vendors will join Shed 2 in June, including Mild Bill's Spice Shop, Sterling Tea, Doc Popcorn, and Dallas Caramel Company, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. Also joining these new vendors are a few of Dallas' established favorites, like a second outpost of Oak Lawn's Scardello Cheese shop, and the killer Cajun-themed crawfish truck Cajun Tailgators.

Two new restaurant concepts will also occupy part of Shed 2's footprint. Jack's Modern Southern Kitchen, a reincarnation of the restaurant that once made a name for itself serving up delicious biscuits and gravy on Lower Greenville, will serve up (duh) southern comfort food. Si Tapas, a Downtown fave, will also open up a new location that will focus on serving up paellas, hot and cold tapas, and delicious cured meats. These concepts will join a slate of exciting restaurants that have already been announced, including Shannon Wynne's Mudhen, Nammi/Coolhaus, and Taqueria La Ventana.

Unfortunately, the Chicago-style deli and barbecue aren't around anymore, but you'll still be able to find some of your old favorites in Shed 2. Not to worry, though, some of your old favorite vendors will be returning as well. The Farmers Market outpost of La Popular Tamale House will reopen, joined by familiar faces like Boom Juice, Caribbean Cabana, and Frenchie's Bistro. Sadly, it doesn't seem like the sweet old fudge man who was extremely generous with the samples will be sticking around.

Before the revitalization of the Dallas Farmers Market, Shed 2 was very hit-or-miss, especially once Pecan Lodge vacated the space. You could occasionally find vendors selling fresh Gulf shrimp or hand-cranked sausages, but they likely wouldn't be there if you chose to return a few weeks later. The major loss, though, is Supernatural Meats, a collective of farmers who sold their pastured pork, poultry, and beef in a small booth in the back of Shed 2. Where else am I supposed to find organic soup bones and rendered chicken fat?

With all of the improvements being made to the produce side of the Market, it's nice to see that the company who took it over is also paying careful attention in making sure that Shed 2 isn't just a place where you go to cool off in the heat of summer.

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