Shrimp Sausage Is a Real Thing You Can Get in Your Spring Rolls

Google “shrimp sausage” in quotation marks. The results, you’ll find, are recipes for shrimp and sausage as two separate ingredients, not one crazy thing. After five whole pages of results for “Creole shrimp and sausage,” paella, gumbo, pasta, jambalaya, kabobs and the like, finally one hit turns up for shrimp ground up and put into a sausage casing.

Yes, shrimp sausage is a real thing. And it’s a lot easier to find in Dallas than it is on Google. RollNGo, the fast Vietnamese takeout spot on Greenville Avenue, serves shrimp sausage in spring rolls, as does its sister restaurant to the north, the sit-down Bistro B.

The sausage isn’t in link form; instead it’s a long, flat patty, almost a ground-meat log. Grilled before serving, it tastes of intense, concentrated shrimp, with a meatier edge than usual. The chefs spike their sausage with whole black peppercorns for extra tang and a bit of crunch. And speaking of crunch, all of the spring rolls at RollNGo and Bistro B are among Dallas’ best, in part because many come with pieces of fried egg roll skins inside. The texture of fried crisps, fresh veggies and ground meat is a guaranteed winner.

We’re all waiting for some enterprising chef to start a food truck called “Will It Sausage?” dedicated to turning improbable foods into ground-up links and patties. (We are all waiting for that, right? It’s not just weird food writers?) But until that joyous occasion arises, you can head over to Bistro B or RollNGo and enjoy ground shrimp, streaked with pepper and wrapped up in a nearly healthy spring roll. Shrimp sausage may be unlikely, but it’s definitely good enough to merit more than one Google search result.

Bistro B, 9780 Walnut St., No. 340, 214-575-9885
RollNGo, 6110 Greenville Ave., No. 100, 866-765-5123
Shrimp sausage spring rolls $7.99 on both menus

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.