Since Sharon Hage's Doing Menus for Bowlers and Pat Green, Why Not Really Expand Her Horizons?

Sharon Hage is a celebrated chef in Dallas' dining culture. She opened and ran the much-mourned York Street, the fine-dining restaurant that brought the farm-to-table movement to Dallas by showcasing simple, honest cooking based on high quality ingredients. So she's recently turned her efforts to consulting gigs, helping new restaurants establish their menus and find their footing. Bowl & Barrel seems like a good enough concept. Fancy bowling alleys are common but none of them have bar food based on local, seasonal ingredients. Then The Rustic was announced and I got a little worried -- the concert venue and restaurant backed by musician Pat Green made me wonder if the chef was being spread too thin.

Then an announcement of another endeavor called Sip and Savor hit the news wires. It seems all you have to do is get Hage to work your concept and you're guaranteed success. (Or at least a mention in local food blogs.)

So I came up with a few new ideas I think have real legs. If you have some investment capital, I'd love to know what you think.

Chicken and Hoes A Hooters riff in which the waitresses dress up as sexy farm girls. The wings are from free-range chickens, and shirts are emblazoned with with farm-themed innuendo (Organic chickens cluck harder) are available for sale at the door.

TGIMonday's For for the business geeks who actually like going into work, TGIMonday's offers potato skins stuffed with Tillamook cheddar and house-cured bacon. Happy hour specials include sweet frozen drinks that are adaptations of old York Street desserts.

Organic State Fare An upscale restaurant which focuses on elevating corn dogs, deep-fried salsa and organic farm raised quails on a stick.

Pennzoil Poutine A spin off of Quaker Steak and Lube that features the Canadian french fry favorite topped with cheese curds and gravy. Guests can add more gravy and other condiments to their dishes using guns shaped like air tools.

Mama Hage's A pizza place that features dough made from flour that's milled to order. The pies are topped with cheese from the Mozzarella Co. in Deep Ellum and are delivered by fixed-gear bicycles lubricated only with first press olive oil. Orders must be placed three days in advance.

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Scott Reitz
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