Singin' The Blue Plate

They tried to make us work for the details by sending us on repeated trips to, which slowly leaked information over the course of a few weeks. Clever. Of course, Robert Wilonsky cracked the case some time ago on Unfair Park, but...But now, Kent Rathbun is spilling lots of information about Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen, which opens February 23 in Preston Center.

With aspirations to be come the "Mecca of casual, affordable cuisine," (instead of the Five Pillars of excess) executive chef and partner Rathbun plans to serve up fresh, regional cooking inspired by dishes that he enjoys cooking for his own family. Affordable is relative, especially in big-name dining. Expect a lunch price range of $10-$18, and dinner runs $16-$30.

Southern dishes with a twist...never been done before (Sccrreeen Dooorrrr--sorry, had to clear my throat), like whole wheat Texas pecan waffle with Lattie Da Goat cheese and Round Rock honey; pan fried pork chop with Sawmill mustard gravy and MawMaw's buttermilk pie are offered along with desserts and a long list of "Skillet Fixin's," including spoonbread.

Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen is located at 6130 Luther Lane in Dallas. To make a reservation, call 214-890-1103.

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S. Anne Durham
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