The Theodore's Hugo Osorio Offers an Intriguingly Spicy Shrub Cocktail

There's shrub in the cocktail, and it's topped with a little shrub. How meta.
There's shrub in the cocktail, and it's topped with a little shrub. How meta. Susie Oszustowicz
Shoppers celebrated when The Theodore opened in NorthPark Center. We finally had a place to get high-quality craft cocktails between shopping missions.

Behind the stick at The Theodore, cocktail genius Hugo Osorio challenges himself to create unique drinks to keep their options fresh, literally and metaphorically. His latest creation brings together a couple peppers in a shrub for a limited offering cocktail.

What is a shrub? The term can refer to two different things in the cocktail world: an old-school fruit liqueur or a cocktail made using a vinegared syrup. The term is usually referring to the "drinking vinegar" itself, usually made by infusing vinegar with fruits, spices, etc. to create an ingredients for cocktails.

Osorio's spicy drinking vinegar gives this cocktail a slight bite, thanks to the guajillo and ancho peppers, without being overpoweringly spicy. He balances the spice and acidity with celery bitters, a delightfully smoky mezcal and Gran Classico.

The Theodore, 8687 N. Central Expy.
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Susie Oszustowicz