Sip on the Bog Standard at Hide to See What an Award-Winning Cocktail Tastes Like

Don't let the day bog you down, get a pick-me-up with the Bog Standard.
Don't let the day bog you down, get a pick-me-up with the Bog Standard. Austin Marc Graf
Work, laundry, exercising, TPS reports ... we have a ton of things bogging us down every day. Get bogged down in a good way at Hide with the Bog Standard, a cocktail by one of Hide's owners, Scott Jenkins, which got him a spot in the finals of Caorunn Gin's 10-Year Switch International Cocktail Competition.

This Scottish-inspired cocktail was influenced by the flavors of the bog myrtle (also known as the Myrica gale), a plant whose spicy notes lend themselves nicely to the stirred cocktail paired with the warm flavors of the allspice dram. It'll be a smooth sipper, so make sure to take your time and slow down to smell the myrtle.

This cocktail will be available by request only through the summer. Order one and see what an award-winning cocktail tastes like.

Bog Standard ($13)
1 ounce Caorunn Gin
.5oz Lairds applejack brandy
.375 ounce Cocchi Torino
.375 ounce Stroma
.375 ounce citrus tonic syrup
Bar spoon St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram
Dash Reagan’s orange bitters

Stir ingredients in a rocks glass with a single cube of ice.
Garnish: Core an apple into a long rectangle; remove seeds if desired
Hide, 2816 Elm St. (Deep Ellum) hide.bar
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Susie Oszustowicz