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Sissy's Is Hiking Up The Price Of Their Chicken. Soon!

When I interviewed Jeffery Hobbs about his fried chicken at Sissy's I lamented the terrible decision he forced on his customers with his menu. Two pieces of fried chicken with a side cost $11, while a 10-piece bucket was only $20. It's a no-brainer to go for the bucket. The trick made me think of an up-scale "supersize me." Conspiracy! They were economically forcing people to order fried chicken to excess.

Hobbs laughed when I told him of my struggles to maintain restraint in his restaurant and said he never meant for the pricing to be that tempting. The $20 price point was actually an error, but after printing out 400 custom menus they decided to keep it as is.

Parties don't last for ever. Earlier this week a news release landed in my inbox announcing to-go buckets of chicken coming soon to Sissy's. The cost of 10 pieces in a bucket to go? $24. I called the PR company that represents the restaurant and confirmed the price hike. The two piece meal went up to $12 and the newly printed menus should be delivered any day now.

That means the next few nights will be your last chance to save a little scratch on your fried bird. To be fair, Sissy's serves a good product in a refined atmosphere. It's hard to expect a $4.99 three-piece meal deal when you're sitting at a marble bar drinking a Ramos Gin Fizz, but the increase has me wondering how far the premium fried chicken price can be pushed.

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