Skimming The Scum

Unfair Park's Robert Wilonsky has been tracking Bob's--of steak & chophouse fame--many difficulties, updating the story again today (read it here). Over at SideDish, Nancy Nichols keeps up with the ne'erdowellness of another restaurant group (as you can see here).

Nancy's story, as she pursues it, will become even more sensational--trust me. Robert's piece will almost certainly end sadly, which is the way it should when...um, let's not go there.

I've said it before in these pages and will probably do so again: the people drawn into nightlife are not necessarily normal, clean cut sorts. Oh, there are plenty of reputable people, of course. But you constantly hear stories of gambling, drugs (including dealing), financial misdeeds, sexual harrassment, etc., etc.--in far greater volume than any other industry...including low-rent journalism.

Why we--meaning the Food Network and a few publications--want to make celebrities of this crowd, I've never been sure. But then again, look at our crop of celebrities these days...  

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