Budget Bites: SkinnyFats Has Balls, Among Other Things

Whether you're going healthy or not, might as well end your meal at SkinnyFats with a cookie.
Whether you're going healthy or not, might as well end your meal at SkinnyFats with a cookie. Dalila Thomas
Budget Bites is a series that looks for the best food and drink deals at restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth — because being on a budget doesn't mean you can't eat out in a city like Dallas.

By now, it’s likely you’re aware of SkinnyFats, the Las Vegas-born restaurant that made its way to Uptown Dallas a few months ago.

Well, not only does its menu have a healthy and happy side that caters to those who are watching their intake, those who are taking in anything in sight and everyone else in between — their menu also boasts a slew of eats that are less than $10.

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The "berry strong" breakfast
Dalila Thomas
Let’s start with breakfast, which is served all day. The "berry strong" stands very strong for those looking for a healthier option ($8.95). This protein waffle with berries and a strawberry chia jam is so good, the agave served with it is almost obsolete. It’s also served with a side of turkey bacon.

When you start looking at the “sharables” side of the menu, things start getting kind of difficult to choose from. We told you about the "brussel crowe" on the healthy side of the menu, but the happy side has balls, which are spinach and corn risotto balls with pesto aioli and greens dressed in tomato oil ($5.49).

If you’re sharing with more than two people, opt for the pimp shrimp — tempura shrimp atop a cucumber boat with spicy cilantro slaw and avocado pico ($9.95). The flavors and texture make for a great marriage and might even lure in your healthy friends for a cheat treat.

The “Things in Bowls” portion of the menu — like the rest — is filled with an array of meat and non-meat options with everything from teriyaki filet mignon to eggplant, squash and peppers.

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The "buff chix" plate
Dalila Thomas
We kept it safe with chicken. Our server told us the “naked chix” — on the healthy side — is SkinnyFats’ best-seller ($8.95). However, it’s the “buff chix” — fried chicken tenders with buffalo sauce served with truffle fries and ranch — that steal the show ($8.95).

If you want to avoid getting your hands saucy, try the “buffarito,” which is basically the buff chix (fries included) wrapped up in burrito — an option on SkinnyFats’ secret menu ($6.45).

Finishing your meal with a cookie is a must, healthy or not ($2.95).

SkinnyFats, 3700 McKinney Ave., Suite 140 (Uptown). Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. 214-774-9951.
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Dalila Thomas
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