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Skip The Gross Turkey This Year And Let Pecan Lodge Smoke Your Thanksgiving Dinner

In theory, Thanksgiving is the time of the year when you get together with your family to be grateful, watch football, and eat yourself into a coma. Unfortunately, though, this holiday often ends up being more about listening to your racist Aunt Edna rant about ebola and Obama, and worse, eating Grandma's desert-dry stuffing and those weird sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top.

You'll have to figure out your own way to make the Thanksgiving side dishes better and deal with your relatives, but the fine folks at Pecan Lodge are now offering a way for you to avoid those dried out oven turkeys and gross grocery store hams. Yesterday, the much-lauded Deep Ellum barbecue joint announced that they would, for the first time, offer online ordering for a variety of traditional and non-traditional smoked meats for your holiday feast. Unfortunately, that delicious jalapeno mac and cheese that they serve in the restaurant did not make the cut.

You will, however, be able to order a spice-crusted beef tenderloin that's been smoked to a perfect medium rare, a massive whole turkey smoked in a pomegranate-molasses glaze, or spiral cut ham. You'll pay a premium for these deliciously smoked meats - a turkey is $109, compared to a $30 Butterball from the grocery store - but the difference in quality might actually make you feel a little better about the Cowboys' inevitable disappointment on Thanksgiving Day.

More interestingly, Pecan Lodge will also be offering their award-winning smoked whole briskets and sausages for holiday orders. Even in Texas, barbecue isn't really a traditional Thanksgiving food, but this is certainly a trend we can get behind. Who wouldn't much rather have a bunch of brisket and sausage instead of enduring whatever weird new way your mom learned to cook a turkey from Pinterest?

Online ordering for Pecan Lodge's smoked holiday meats is live now, and continues until November 20th. It's probably best to get your orders in early. If the still-persistent line at the restaurant is any indication, pickup day on November 26th is probably going to be absolutely insane.

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