Skip the Line at Pecan Lodge -- For Charity

Pecan Lodge is the best place in the city to get fat. Have you ever wished, though, that the legendarily long line (or "queue" as civilised people call it) suddenly ceased to be a problem, leaving you free to waltz up the front counter and secure your meat? You could have lunch at Pecan Lodge in the space of a lunch hour from work, without having to apply for special religious dispensation from the Church of Smoked Meat and having to convince your boss that was a real thing.

Well now, excitable Dallas person, you can do just that. Skip the line, that is, not try to get time off work using an imaginary religious organization. Even better, you can donate lots of money to charity at the same time.

How, Gavin, how do I do this, I hear you shouting at me down my all too easily accessible office phone number? Well, angry guy from the internet, it's really very easy. You just need the only Pecan Lodge Golden Ticket in all of existence. And you can get your grubby mitts on it right now.

Previously only available to Meat Fight attendees via the Jack Perkins-conducted live auction, you can now get your grease-covered fingers on the barbecue gold without having to listen to Jack shout, or even attend Meat Fight. Bought at the auction by barbecuing contestant and renowned local chef-type guy Jeffrey C. Hobbs, the ticket has been re-donated so even more money can be raised in aid of the MS Society.

I managed to reach Meat Fight CEO and Observer favorite The Alice Laussade for comment, who said only "All the money goes to the National MS Society, all the meat goes to your face. Bring a camera to capture all the angry looks as you skip the line." You've only got a couple of hours, you guys, and it's relatively cheap at time of writing. Throw some cash at it, and bask in your great victory.

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Gavin Cleaver
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