Sloppy Seconds: All Washed Up

After a long night traipsing around Austin looking for another Michelob Ultra or Tuaca giveaway party, nothing soaks it all up like a lukewarm slice of Roppolo's pizza and a mind-clearing read through the City of Ate archives. That's how some of us felt, anyway, in the wake of SXSW this week. If you need a refresher on all that went on here this week, we've got the highlights below.

The Week in Review(s):

  • Your own Dallas Observer: Dave ventures to the spot where the waiters eat, DiTerra's Urban Italian.
  • Dallas Morning News: Leslie Brenner checks out Maximo.
  • Dallas Morning News: Michael Hiller rounds out the DMN food reviews with his take on Grady's in Fort Worth.

Highlights from City of Ate:

  • On the Range: Enchiladas
    The key to the all-important enchilada may come down to where a chef falls on this decision: Velveeta or honest queso?
  • Dude Food: SXSW Edition
    Noah ventures deep into the heart of the land of breakfast tacos and late-night pizza trucks, reflecting on the best Austin had to offer between sets at the SXSW music fest.
  • Short Orders: Twisted Root Burger Co.
    Dave moseys on back to the 'Root to find that the quality of the burgers more than earns the preponderance of flair on the wall.
  • Girl Drink Drunk: Pizza Hut Park
    Yes, even at that manliest of sporting events, the soccer game, Merritt discovers there are still girl drinks to be had -- even with new food and drink vendors for the young FC Dallas season.

...and as for the City of Ate reader contest we tried getting off the ground these last few weeks, well, without getting too many responses back it looks like we'll need to hatch some new scheme for unloading all the promotional treasures we've got piling up in the City of Ate fallout bunker. Til then, we'll keep on staring at these sauce packets and beer samplers, and imagining the possibilities.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.